this is how it shouldve ended tbh

*i made a mistake it’s “when i try to help you” not “when it try to help you” whoops

tell me if i said/got anything wrong please!!

People have suggested various character pairs that would’ve made for a better ‘character vs. character’ final choice, but do you know who I think would have made the best final choice?

Jane and Sarah.

It would have shown clearly what kind of survivor your Clementine has become. Does she choose to go with the hardened survivor, the one who has the greatest chance of staying alive, at the cost of much of her humanity (and the death of her only real friend)? Or does she honor her promise to Carlos and her pinky swear to be Sarah’s friend and guardian, and choose to stay with the survivor largely considered nothing but a liability?

(There could also still be the option to choose neither and to go forth with just AJ of course, abandoning both Jane and Sarah.)

Should you choose Jane, the ending is the same as the canon Jane ending. You return to Howe’s and start attempting to rebuild it, deciding whether or not to let the family in.

Should you choose Sarah, the game ends by cutting to a scene of the two girls and AJ back at the cabin by the river. Sarah is helping Clem mend her gunshot wound, offering bits of medical information she’s picked up from Carlos over the years. Clementine mentions that she never finished teaching Sarah how to properly use a gun to protect herself, and that when she’s a little less weak from her wound she’ll show Sarah how. Sarah thanks her, and then thanks her again for standing by her and being a true friend. The episode ends with the two girls locking pinkies once more, and agreeing that they won’t give up on each other no matter what.

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d*mb is ableist

ah, sorry. when I was using it as part of a phrase I didn’t stop and think about that.

A speculation for Lilly in episode 5 being it's possible because of Christa and Omid being the parental units at all ends, i feel originally, Kenny wasn't supposed to be lost and Lilly's return, there was a chance all endings were going to end with Clementine running to the field and staying there and either christa and omid, Lilly, or kenny appeared depending on who Lee mentioned and Lilly would help save clementine and Lee depending on how you responded to her through the game.

Telltale has said that they originally planned for Kenny to 100% definitively die. So I don’t think he would’ve been an option at the ending.

I think Lilly’s return more likely would’ve been her showing up in the RV (Gavin said “Lilly would show up in the RV” in the scene, so that’s a certainty) after Lee was bitten, starting to bring up everything that was relevant when she left (the stolen supplies, her punishment, etc) but then quickly realizing things have changed. When she sees that Lee is bitten she’s horrified and completely sobered by it. She ends up putting aside her grudges to help you in some way (maybe driving you to safety through the walker horde or something) before either getting killed or leaving again.

She may not ever admit or realize that what she did was wrong (she most likely wouldn’t), but she recognizes (in canon, it’s a dialogue option in Episode 3) why the group punished her and says that “a part of [her] understands”. Because she is able to understand why the group punished her behavior, regardless of whether she believes she was right or wrong (and we know she believes she was right), I firmly believe she’d be willing to help Lee in his dying hours. Especially to save Clementine, whom she was shown caring for several times in canon.

So yeah. I think her return would have started out as a confrontation but quickly shifted into a situation of her offering what help she could give to Lee (and Clementine). You would have been able to see the emotional change in her during the scene. She was angry at the group, but she wasn’t heartless, and as I said she partially understood that she was not being unfairly or wrongly persecuted by the group when they tied her up and kept her at gunpoint in the RV (was she indignant and bratty about it? Yes. But deep down she knew she had a reason to be punished and she herself admits that.) And while she wouldn’t have been “redeemed” (because the player would be able to see from the beginning of the confrontation that she clearly still wasn’t sorry for killing a group member), it would have been a nice way to wrap up her arc, and finish the story of a character who pushed herself to the constant brink of exhaustion trying to keep a group of near-strangers alive for three months simply because it was something she felt morally obligated to do.

shel is just so gay. it’s just so obvious

remember the time I compiled a list of all the reasons Shel is great and in the middle I just casually threw in that she’s gay and the post got like 200+ notes and not a single person questioned that

This literally means that all the people who voted Lilly back decided to vote her out in the next round.

the Carley stans initiated this wave of votes, I blame them


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well, we did get to meet Large Awkward Lesbian Big Sister and Bratty Meme Trashlord Little Sister, so that was something

polo shirt lilly and bratty metallica fan

'Look Guys I Can Cut My Own Hair' and 'I Communicate My Feelings Through the Linkin Park Lyrics Scrawled On My Bedroom Door'

I bet Lilly is one of those people with perpetually sweaty palms


i’m sorry lillycaul but…

lilly was eliminated

*funeral music*

but she’s made a special guest appearance just for u

yeah, I saw

on a positive note tho it’s nice to see that all the remaining characters are women and/or PoC, so I’m going to refrain from voting past this point (especially since I like all of the remaining characters and wouldn’t be able to choose any of them anyway)