pepple shud stop complenin because zelda knows magic an’ smesh bros isn’t rel-listic.

no one can convince me this is fine

If I cut you off, chances are, you handed me the scissors.
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I’ve never meant to be passive-aggressive to you if it’s me you’re talking about :0

no no it wasn’t you

actually it’s happened a few different times anyway, but yeah it was someone else when it happened just a little while ago

I just wish people would ask me to tag things instead of making posts like “I can’t believe people would post X without tagging it wow’

like how am I supposed to know to tag this random obscure trigger or phobia if you don’t tell me…?

Lmao i see bi women call themselves dykes and it makes me furious

that’s gross

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hmm i kinda mean as in it cant really be said by anyone but gay males uncensored. like, i cannot say the d-slur because i am not a lesbian and therefore i have no right to claim that slur. you get me??

I’m not really very good at reading between the lines so you might have to spell this out for me

I think you’re saying that I should censor the post where I listed the slurs?? if so then yeah I’ll go back and edit it again. no big deal. but I’m not sure that’s what you’re saying. I just want to make sure I’m not misreading you trying to say something else, if that makes sense

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Danny from the prison bus in the game, or The Governor in the tv show!

ok well they’re both rapists (or at least the Governor was an *attempted* rapist w/ Maggie and prob Michonne, so not much better)

character-wise the more interesting of the two was the Governor

Danny seemed like a nicer guy overall but he had sex with an underage girl and it was possibly nonconsensual so that doesn’t exactly make for a nice dude idk I don’t even know

I’m gonna pick the Governor for the first reason I mentioned

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Andy St. John or Danny St. John

andy no question

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The Gov or Carver

oh my god this is horrible why did I do this to myself haha

okay. okay. just on the basis of characterization ALONE (aka the more interesting character), I’m gonna go with the Governor.


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i dont think the f-slur (and possibly homo) is one thats reclaimable by lesbians, as its directed at gay males??

that wasn’t at all was I trying to say. maybe I should clarify the wording in the original text but what I was saying is that there are certain words that straight people can’t use because of their origins as homophobic slurs. I didn’t mean those words were all reclaimable by lesbians. I was providing other examples to explain the concept of words that can only be used by certain groups as an addition to my definition of the word ‘femme’ (and my assertion that straight women cannot use that term).

just so you all know, I follow a lot of blogs and thus sometimes I don’t see every post everyone makes about everything

so instead of making a passive-aggressive post about me not tagging something properly, could you just shoot me a message/reply to my post and ask that I tag it?

I’ll be happy to tag things for you. otherwise if you don’t tell me to tag the thing that bothers you I’ll never know and I’ll probably end up posting it again untagged and the cycle will start all over again and that can be easily avoided with a one-line message asking me to tag x thing