I started a tag for all the Season 2 Lilly stuff on my blog

so now you can look at it all together and whatnot

I drew this for you
Enjoy I guess….

I drew this for you

Enjoy I guess….

Portishead - Machine Gun
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Here in my reflecting
What more can I say?
For I am guilty
For the voice that I obey
Too scared to sacrifice a choice
Chosen for me

"So. Where are we going?"

"So. Where are we going?"

guess who just downloaded a whole bunch of pro-Lilly gameplay footage and also knows how to make gifs now

guess who just downloaded a whole bunch of pro-Lilly gameplay footage and also knows how to make gifs now

younger Lilly nervously preparing for her first date

not being sure what to wear

trying to decide if she should wear makeup for the occasion even though she never wears makeup

pacing back and forth, murmuring to herself, trying to remember all her table manners and where the put the forks and knives and all that shit she read up on the night before

deciding to wear heels and realizing it was the worst decision of her life because a) she can’t walk in them and b) she looks like even more of a beanpole in them

the queen demands sacrifice

the queen demands sacrifice

Lilly and Carley go on a date to the zoo

they get kicked out after Lilly starts rattling the bars of the cages, trying to wake up the nocturnal animals to “get her money’s worth” out of them

Lilly takes Carley out to a fancy restaurant for her birthday

she insists on paying

they order hundreds of dollars’ worth of food

Carley asks her if she’s sure about spending all that money on her

Lilly waves off her concerns, says “Don’t worry about it”

as they’re finishing up dessert the waiter leaves the bill on the table

Lilly says to Carley “Do you have everything”

Carley says “What do you mean”

"I mean pack up your stuff. quick"

"What? Why-"

Lilly gets up, grabs her wallet and runs out

the waiter notices her leaving, starts shouting and running over toward Carley

Carley didn’t bring enough money to cover the meal

she makes a snap decision to follow Lilly, and they bolt out of the restaurant as fast as they can

As soon as they get to the car Lilly turns and grins at her

Carley folds her arms, shakes her head and says “Really?

Lilly punches the gas and speeds off

the whole ride she says things like “Oh come on, it was kind of fun. And think of all the money we saved!”

Carley refuses to talk to her, she just keeps shaking her head and muttering “Why am I still with you”

Lilly cooking in her underwear trying to look sexy for Carley and she ends up spilling hot oil on herself